September 4th

  1. God Made Heaven and Earth (Gen. 1:1-19)
    A. God Is the Creator
    B. God Created the Material World
  2. God Made Living Creatures (Gen. 1:20-25)
    A. Inhabitants of Water and Air
    B. Inhabitants of Land
  3. God Made Humans (Gen. 1:26 – 2:3)
    A. Humans: Male and Female
    B. God’s “Very Good” Creation

September 11th
God Made Husband and Wife

  1. Man Placed in Eden (Gen. 2:4-8)
    A. The Creation Reviewed
    B. Man Created a Living Soul
  2. Man Alone in Eden (Gen. 2:9-18)
    A. The Garden in Eden
    B. Man, Keeper of the Garden
  3. Man and Woman in Eden (Gen. 2:19-25)
    A. Why Woman Was Created
    B. The First Marriage

September 18th
Human Sinfulness Begins

  1. Sins of the First Humans (Gen. 3:1-13)
    A. Tempted to Disbelieve and Disobey
    B. Questioned by God
  2. Hope in Spite of Failure (Gen. 3:14 – 4:2)
    A. Tempter and Sinners Judged by God
    B. Consequences and Life Continuing
  3. Acceptable Versus Unacceptable Worship (Gen. 4:3-16, 23-26)
    A. The First Two Brothers
    B. Contrasting Ways of Living

September 25th
Human Sinfulness Increases

  1. Humans Became Exceedingly Evil (Gen. 6:1-7)
    A. Human Wickedness
    B. God’s Displeasure
  2. Noah Found God’s Grace (Gen. 6:8-13)
    A. Noah Received God’s Grace
    B. Corruption of Society
  3. Preparation for Coming Judgment (Gen. 6:14-22)
    A. God’s Instructions for Noah
    B. God’s Covenant With Noah

October 2nd
God’s Judgment: The Great Flood

  1. Saved in the Ark (Gen. 7:1-10)
    A. Seven Days Before the Flood
    B. Those on Board the Ark
  2. The World Destroyed (Gen. 7:11-24)
    A. The Earth Flooded
    B. “And All Flesh Died”
  3. God Remembered Noah (Gen. 8:1-19)
    A. The Flood Receded
    B. Departure From the Ark

October 9th
God’s Covenant With Noah

  1. Worship and Blessing (Gen. 8:20 – 9:7)
    A. Noah Worshiped God
    B. God Blessed Noah
  2. This Is the Covenant (Gen. 9:8-17)
    A. Parties to the Covenant
    B. Sign of the Covenant
  3. A New Beginning (Gen. 9:18-29)
    A. One Race; Many Nations
    B. Human Sinfulness Prefigured

October 16th
One Race; Many Nations

  1. From Noah Came All Nations (Gen. 10:1, 2, 6, 21, 22, 32)
    A. Descendants of Japheth and Ham
    B. Descendants of Shem
  2. One Race United, Then Scattered (Gen. 11:1-9)
    A. Self-Will Expressed
    B. God’s Disapproval
  3. From Shem Came Abraham (Gen. 11:10, 11, 26-32)
    A. Descendants: Shem to Terah
    B. Terah’s Family